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Raising Funds for APES since 2008!

Ashford Park Elementary School is one of DeKalb County‚Äôs rising elementary schools. Very tight county school budgets unfortunately are not enough to position schools to thrive and grow at this time. The Brookhaven Bolt was created is 2008 to help generate funds from the local community to bolster the school’s budget and provide more opportunities for students to grow. This fundraiser is by far the most important for the school, and the school needs funding and resources to continuously improve. Your registration becomes a direct donation to the school to help them achieve even loftier results.

The History of the Brookhaven Bolt

The 2021 Broookhaven Bolt marks the 14th anniversary of this special event. Over the years, the Bolt has registered an average of almost 2,000 runners / participants each year, worked with hundreds of local business sponsors and has fundraised over $450,000 since its inception. Keep the tradition of the Bolt strong and register today to run the race or sponsor this year’s event!

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The Brookhaven Bolt is a 5K Run/Walk/Stroller push through one of Brookhaven’s most beautiful neighborhoods, Ashford Park. The 2021 race will be held on
Saturday, May 22nd with an 8am start time. All proceeds from this annual event go to support Ashford Park Elementary School.